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In today's world there is more pressure than ever to be successful on taking standardized tests whether it be the SATs, PSATs, GREs, school exams, or licensing. At the same time, professionals are needing to change to ever growing list of demands with output and working in new and creative ways as the world has become more technology dependent. Anxiety and frustrations with the testing process or executive function deficits can hurt performance, contribute to family or work conflicts, and derail confidence. Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC  can help teach you to manage these emotions and perform at your optimal level. 

Through his work Dr. Flynn has learned the benefits of anxiety and emotion management to Educational and Executive Function Performance.  Approaching your work confidently and with a plan does impact success. Dr. Flynn helps you assess your strengths and use them to increase academic or professional success. 

Who benefits from Educational and Executive Function Coaching?

This type of coaching will help children, adolescents, and adults who are:

  • Struggling with various learning challenges or executive functioning deficits

  • Anxious or overwhelmed during homework or tests or manage professional work loads

  • Becoming frustrated to point that family conflicts are arising at home or work

  • Preparing for standardized tests including PSATs, SATs, GREs, licensing exams, and even a driving test

  • Struggle organizing for meetings or public speaking events

What services are provided?

  • Executive Coaching and Study Skills

  • Anxiety and Emotion Management

  • Confidence and Motivation Building

  • Guidance on School Supports

  • Parent Guidance on Supporting Your Child

  • Organizational and Pre-test Routine Development

  • Communication Skills and Public Speaking Skills Development

What are the next steps?

  • Go to the NEW CLIENTS to make a first appointment.

  • Sessions can be held in the office or via telehealth based on client preference, schedule availability, and ability to engage.

  • Session frequency depends on client needs and will be determined over the course of treatment.

  • Please note that this type of service may not be covered by insurance and concerns should be discussed with Dr. Flynn prior to starting treatment.

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