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Mental toughness is key to successful athletic performance and can be the difference between winning and losing. Struggling with anxiety and emotion management? Confidence or motivation challenges? Preparing to compete at the next level? Recovering from an injury or transitioning out of the world of sports? Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC works with athletes of all skill levels, ages, and sports to  develop individualized plans and learn the mental skills necessary to overcome mental blocks and enhance athletic performance.

Unfortunately there is still a stigma to the word psychologist as if something is wrong or broken in a person. A sports psychologist is a psychologist who takes psychological interventions, principals, and research and applies them to the world of sports to increase an athlete’s mental toughness and improve performance on and off the field. In other words, the goal is to help the athlete better understand the connection between how they think and perform, and teach them mental skills to overcome barriers that may be holding the athlete back from his or her optimal performance. The goal of a sport psychologist is not to fix a person, but rather help them grow the mental skills to perform at a higher level. At Peak Mental Performance Coaching LLC, our goal is to help an athlete grow from his or her strengths, recognize and manage his or mental weaknesses, and take the skills learned onto the field, and into the rest of life.

Who benefits from Sport Psychology?

Athletes of all ages, skill levels, and sports can benefit from mental skills performance training particularly athletes who:

  • Struggle managing anxiety, fears, anger, and other emotions impacting performance.

  • Struggle maintaining a positive mindset and confidence.

  • Struggle with finding motivation to put in the work for the next level.

  • Feel he / she cannot manage the pressure of performing in front of others or preparing for tryouts.

  • Are recovering from an injury or preparing to transition from the world of sports.

  • Involved in the recruiting process or preparing to transition to the next level.

  • Parents looking to find ways to better support their child's athletic development and performance.

  • Athletes and parents looking for guidance on managing the demands of the recruitment process.

  • Athletic departments looking for guidance on how to support their programs.

  • Coaches looking for guidance on improving teamwork, cohesion, or managing challenging players.

  • Trainers looking for ways to mentally support their clients motivation, confidence, or injury recovery.

What services are provided?

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Anxiety and Emotion Management

  • Confidence and Motivation Building

  • Mental Recovery from Injury

  • Transitioning Between Levels Of Competition Or Preparing For "Retirement'

  • Balancing Life And Sport Demands

  • Consultations for Coaches, Trainers, and Programs on Team Dynamics, Communication, and Managing Challenging Athletes

  • Managing the Mental Stresses of the Recruitment Process and Tryouts

  • Parent Guidance on Supporting, Coaching, and Managing Their Athletic Children


What are the next steps?​

  • Go to the NEW CLIENTS page to make a first appointment.

  • Sessions can be held in the office or via telehealth. You can also inquire about game experiences as well. Each of these possibilities can be discussed during the initial meeting. 

  • Session frequency depends on client needs, schedules, and will be determined over the course of treatment.

  • Please note that this type of service may not be covered by insurance and concerns should be discussed with Dr. Flynn prior to starting treatment.


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