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6/16/20 - It has been several months since we have been in the office seeing clients in person which is missed. However, telehealth has been successful and is a really effective means of treatment, with the hope it can continue into the future even when restrictions are lifted. The timeline to be back in the office is still unknown, but we are actively seeing people and accepting new referrals at this time. 

We continue to build on our existing relationships, supporting many of our affiliations and connections, in any way we can think of, many of whom are struggling during the pandemic. If you are one of those groups  reach out. For everyone else, whether it is one of our connections or someone you know, support them as they can a use it at this time. 

We are excited that this month to be giving a talk for the interns at Athletic Evolution. on What Is A Sport Psychologist and What Do We Do? It is something we have been doing for several years and look forward to every year. Unfortunately this year it will not be done in person due to the pandemic However, now everyone can listen in on as it has been taped and is the first installment on our new VLOG that is being launched on our new YouTube Channel, and hopefully it will grow in the future. as we are excited about this new this new way to connect. You can access the VLOG by clicking HERE.

4/22/20 - We Are All In This Together


Despite the pandemic, work never stops for Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC. We continue to be busy supporting our clients, especially as many are struggling with increased anxiety due to all the uncertainty going on. Kids are struggling with being homeschooled, parents are having to work and be teachers at the same time, athletes are mourning the loss of their seasons or interruption in training. Almost everyone is wondering if and when will we ever get back to normal, or what the future will be like when we do.


This pandemic has demonstrated that Telehealth can be an effective and productive way to do therapy. We have been meeting with our clients full time successfully for over a month all online at this point and feel that is has been going really well. This will continue for the foreseeable future, and likely will remain an option in the future as well. 


Despite the challenges we have been pushing many of our clients to find their resiliency and grow from this experience. You can read more about this in our recent blog Resiliency And Growth In A Time Of Crisis. 


Despite working entirely by telehealth we are still accepting new clients. in fact we have already met several online, though we cannot wait for the day to meet them in person. We are actively still taking on new clients, so if you know someone who needs support through this crisis, have them reach out today. 


Despite social distancing we have been trying to keep up with different connections and affiliations, as many are impacted directly by the pandemic. We send you all our support, and if there is anything we can do now, or if you want to discuss more ideas for the future, we are here for you, and ready to help any way we can think of. The same works for any organization that wants to develop a new relationship as we are all in this together.  


Social distancing does not mean social isolation as we are all in this together. In the meantime check out the new Blog on Resilience And Growth In a Time Of Crisis. 

4/1/20 - April Fools

While I wish this was all an April Fools Day prank and we can wake up tomorrow and have everything back to normal, we unfortunately can't. Hopefully everyone is being smart, keeping separate,  keeping busy, and staying healthy. 

Telehealth has been up and running and positive for the last few weeks. Everyone appears to be adjusting well to the New Normal. We are still accepting new clients so feel free reach out if you need anything. Social distancing does not mean social isolation so know you are not alone and we can help get you through this. 


First, we hope everyone is staying heathy and safe, and we really encourage everyone to follow the guidelines put out on how to stay safe and relaxed. Try to put together a good daily routine for yourself or your child. Use your strengths and interests to manage stress Use your logic brain, not the panic brain. 

In the meantime we are still open, but have switched over to a teleheath model of treatment for the forseeable future. Most insurances are covering this type of service given the crisis. We have already done it successfully with multiple clients and have many more set up. We are still taking new clients but on a case by case basis based on whether or not it is clinically appropriate to start online. Feel free to reach out and we can talk more. 


We are in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic and I know there are many questions and concerns out there. First, for our current clients we are still open and seeing scheduled clients. We do ask that you contact the office with any questions and concerns, particularly if you or a close family member is showing signs of illness. Secondly, we are actively pursuing and investigating the possibility of telehealth sessions as many insurance companies have this service standard now. If you are interested in pursuing this, we recommend you contact your insurance company directly to make sure this benefit is covered in your plan. We will do our best to help with the process and thank you for your patience as we adjust to this fluid situation. We will post updates as they happen. In the interim, please follow all medical recommendations, stay busy, relax, and take a deep breath.



 It is only early February and what a whirlwind of a year it has already been. We've met many new clients and have had successful meetings with affilated organizations. If things keep up like this 2020 is going to be the best year yet for the practice.


We started off 2020 by heading over to Athletic Evolution in Woburn to meet with many players training there for the NFL Combine or Draft. It was a lot of fun meeting the guys and watching them in action and talking abut the field of Sport Psychology and the benefits to their training. We wish them all the best in pursuing their dreams.


While there we stopped off and talked to providers of their Physical Therapy Department who were working hard with a packed room (and a cute dog) at the time. Always fun to check in there.


Later in the month we met with multiple representatives from TrainerMD, a sports fitness technology company looking to find new ways to optimize sports performance. It is exciting to be an advisor to the company and to see where the future lies. More to come on that relationship hopefully in the near future.


February is shaping up to be a busy month as well as we have already set up several phone conversations with other organizations and hope to keep expanding and building relationships with them, and those we still plan to reach out to. More to hopefully come on that in the future.


12/3/19 - Happy Holidays

Well Thanksgiving has passed and we are entering a busy holiday season. It has been busy as always here. As we noted back in October we are building a new relationship with the Boston Imperials Hockey Club. In fact starting the work with them has inspired this month's blog. We are excited to build this relationship and apply the same supports to other school or athletic programs. The rest of the time has been spent meeting many new clients as the phone has been ringing off the hook to meet and support many interesting new clients. This will make the holidays fly by. We hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful holiday season and we cannot wait to see what 2020 brings to the practice.

10/25/19 - Exciting News

We are very excited to announce the new affiliation with the Boston Imperials Hockey Club, a new, dynamic, and exciting hockey program. This program takes a wholistic approach in student-athlete development.


Specifically they believe "Hockey is a tough sport for parents and players to navigate. We promise our program will prepare your child to be an effective player AND student, with all the tools and information needed to make informed decisions about your future.  Our goal is to help develop players to the highest level they can achieve so that when they are done playing, at whatever level they are at, they are prepared for life and career beyond the ice." - Boston Imperials Website


This is a great philosophy and something that Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC strongly advocates as well. Dr. Flynn will be serving as a Mental Performance Coach for the program supporting athletes, parents, coaches, and program directors to help them fulfill this message. We are excited to see where this connection can go now and in the future. Dr. Flynn will be leading a seminar in November for players and parents on managing anxiety during the tryout process. 


Also an additional side note we have spoken recently to TrainerMD who Dr. Flynn has also joined their advisory board. It was a great conversation and we are hoping for even more positive announcements regarding this relationship in the near future. 


10/8/19 - Back To Reality

With the end of summer and start of fall it is time to get back to reality. School is session, sport seasons have started, and for many stress is up. Busy start for us as well, but we are ready to go to make this a good year for our clients. Also we recently spoke to Rob Day, a great goalie coach, and also a founder of Sports Science Solutions. His company helps maximize athlete performance, and we are hoping to continue to develop a relationship with him. We have also recently given a talk on the benefits of a Sport Psychologist for the staff at Mike Boyle's Sports Club, a training facility that works with many top athletes. It was a lot of fun and we are thankful for the opportunity. Finally, still working on making connections with multiple primary care offices. Somewhere in the midst of all that we have already begun working with many new and exciting clients with many different mental health challenges.

8/1/19 - The Dog Days Of Summer

It is exciting to say that we are coming up on the one year anniversary in early August of the combination of my Clinical and Sport / Educational practices under one roof. Amazing how time flies but it has been a great year.


So far it has been a relatively relaxing summer despite still being very busy with clients, including many new ones. It has been a much needed one given a very hectic end of the school year.

We did manage to meet up at Athletic Evolution and talk to many local high school athletes and teams to discuss the field of Sport Psychology and benefits to athletes. I'd like to send a big thank you to Scott and the many other coaches there for helping with the process and also letting me watch the great work they do. Hoping to be back soon.

There are a few other potential meetings and new things to announce, but too soon to make anything official and public, but stay tuned for the future. Otherwise we hope you are enjoying your summer and getting ready for fall rush.


However, before the rush we will be taking our own vacation as even we need a break at times. We will be out of the office from Aug 2 through the 11th, back to work on the 12th. As a result there will be delay getting back to new clients and contacts until the office reopens. But rest assured we will get back to you. 

We are available to our current clients as always in case of an emergency.

June 4, 2019 - Summer Transition

It was a busy May and looking to be a busy summer as well. We met with Athletic Evolution to prepare for spending more time there over the summer. For the third straight year we will be speaking at their intern training seminar. While at AE we met with Julie Hubbard, who is a new physical therapist at AE, but also the founder of Just4KicksBoston. Her organization specializes in ACL injuries, rehab, and back to sport, and is our newest affiliation.


Later in May, we also met with Trainer MD, to continue to develop our relationship as an advisor to their company. Hoping for bigger news in that area as time goes on.


I happened to find a little time to read a great book, The Playmakers Advantage by Dr. Leonard Zaichkowsky and Daniel Peterson. This book discusses many theories on mental toughness in sports, but the concepts can be applied anywhere. Although I am biased as Dr. Zaichkowsky was one of my doctoral project readers, I highly recommend it.


Finally, my office mates and I hosted many local providers with different specialties which was a great success and will continue to add to our growing list of resources and connections.   We are getting ready for summer, though still very busy growing the practice, having met with many new clients recently, but also looking forward to a nice relaxing summer. If you are interested in learning more or becoming a connection feel free to reach out.

April 2, 2019 - Time is flying.

I cannot believe it is April as time is flying by. Things have really good, busy as always with all types of clients. Also have reconnected with Athletic Evolution and excited to help out their interns this summer. Still gearing up for the sports season and of course MCAS and college decisions. It should be an exciting month. If you are a potential new client or program feel free to reach out as now is a great time to set new goals for yourself and reach out to see how we can help you. 

March 10, 2019 - Is spring coming soon?

February all about the clients. We have met many clients with a variety of clinical needs this month. It has busy and rewarding to push our own growth this month. So busy we did not have a chance to update the website.


As we enter March another exciting month lays ahead. It is sure to be busy with MCAS testing, SATs, college acceptances, and a change in sport seasons as nice weather approaches.


Still working with building additional relationships, while reconnecting with our prior ones. More to come on that as it happens. In the meantime, we are always looking to meet and talk to new organizations so feel free to reach out to

1/29/19 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. It was a great year for Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC. We started small and ended a growing Clinical, Educational, and Sport Psychology Practice. We certainly did not see that coming at the start of the year, but excited to see that is where we ended. We have big goals for this year. It has been a busy start already. We now accept AllWays insurance from Partners Healthcare. We have building relationships with new primary care offices and other sport referral sources, and hoping to still add more. Finally, we have already met with many new and exciting clients. It will be exciting to see where this year takes us. 


12/13/18 - Happy Holidays

It has been a busy month, mostly dealing with holiday preparation end of the year rapidly approaching. Lots of new clients this month as well. Currently needing to catch up and get back to writing the blog, hopefully with an update soon. Despite all this we had the opportunity to meet with the Fusion School, an innovative school that is national, but expanding further into Massachusetts, and serves kids with academic challenges, athletes, or just students looking to learn in a creative fashion. We are looking forward to learning more about them and building a relationship. Other than that, just looking forward to getting through the holidays and hitting the ground running in 2019. 

11/20/18 - Happy Birthday Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC

On 11/20/17 we opened the doors as a small sport and educational mental skills practice when we met with our first client. One year later we have grown into a thriving Clinical, Educational, and Sport Psychology practice. Over the last year we have met with so many people and programs that have helped us grow and are thankful to all of them for their support. We are also grateful to all the colleagues for all their support and guidance. Finally, friends and family have helped us every step of the way. It has been an awesome year and we cannot wait to see what the next year brings. 


10/1/18 - A Good September

Overall it was a very busy month, really just working hard and meeting with a lot of clients, both ones who have been with for awhile, and many new ones. Needless to say much of the attention has been there this month. Hard to believe it is already October. At the same time we have been busy still reaching out to new contacts and building new professional relationships. his month we are excited to announce that we have become an advisor to TrainerMD, an emerging tech company dedicated to the fitness, sport, and nutrition worlds all under one umbrella. They were recently featured on Boston News Five in Mike Wankum's Cutting Edge segment. Check it out Here. This is an exciting opportunity for Peak Mental Performance Coaching to help add a mental health component to something that impacts everyone on a daily basis as there is no secret between the connection of physical and mental health.


9/9/18 - One Month In and Feeling Good

It has been a great first month and I think we are starting to hit our stride. We are up to full speed with many former clients and have the opportunity to already meet some new ones. A few business hiccups but all is good now, as officially have all insurance panels set as we now accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, UHC, UBH, and out of network payment. Still working on solidifying new connections and hopeful it will happen this month. Overall things are positive and moving forward nicely. 


8/6/18 -Open for Business

Today is launch day as Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC is rebranded to serve all your Clinical, Educational, and Sport Psychology Needs. We are currently accepting new clients. We accept Blue Cross and out of network payment, with other insurances to follow soon. Check out the website or contact us with any questions to see how we can help you or your child. We have also met with Breakaway Triathlon to learn about their business and client needs. There will be big announcements soon about the addition of new affiliations. we are always looking to met new programs and clients so feel free to reach out. Confidence In Performance, Confidence For Life.


7/1/18 - Happy Summer

Although the kids are happy to be out for summer, the work does not stop here. As of August 6th we will be full time at 955 Main St Suite 105 in Winchester. At that point Dr. Flynn will be combining his Sport / Educational Practice with his general Clinical Psychology practice. Whether you are an athlete, student, or a client with general mental health challenges, the services open to you will help everyone reach their peak mental performance.

There will be many updates to the practice webpage as this transition process unfolds and we ask for your patience. Check back frequently to see them or call or email us with any questions in the interim. It is also important to note that we are in the process of applying to several insurance panels for our Clinical Psychology clients. Feel us to contact us about that and session rates in the interim.

Finally it has been a busy month working with several of our affiliations. In June we attended and spoke at High End Hockey's Exposure Showcase. We watched some great hockey, including some of our clients,  all show off their skills for college coaches and programs. Now looking forward, we are preparing to teach a "Sport Psychology 101" class at Athletic Evolution starting at the end of July, which will be a lot of fun to do, and introduce their athletes to the field of Sport Psychology. 


6/10/18 - Big Changes

It is official - we have moved to 955 Main St Suite 105 in Winchester. Over the next couple of months we will be expanding to add a Clinical Psychology specialty to the practice, official in August. This new specialty will help clients with all mental health needs learn many of the same skills as our athletes and students, so that they too can reach their peak mental performance. See the Clinical Psychology section for details on our specialties.

There will be many updates to the practice webpage as this transition process unfolds and we ask for your patience. Check back frequently to see them or call or email us with any questions in the interim.



5/29/18 - Big Changes and Expansions on the Horizon

May started off quietly, but certainly sped up quickly. First a big thank you to Cedardale Health and Fitness in Andover for giving us an opportunity to discuss the world of Sport Psychology. 

With that we are excited to announce that we that we are moving to a new location effective June 4th. We can now be found at 955 Main St, suite 105 in Winchester. Athletic Evolution has been a great launching location and we are very thankful for our time there. They will continue to be a strong affiliation and we look forward to still spending a lot time there this summer and in the future helping their athletes achieve their Peak Mental Performance.


Keep an eye out for more announcements that will be coming over the next couple of months as more expansion is coming with the new location. 


4/23/18 - I think it is spring but it does not feel like it.

In March we attended the New England Youth Wrestling Championships which was a lot of fun. We also attended the Registration weekend with the higher level players of the Islanders Hockey Club. The week of April 4/9-4/13 was fantastic but exhausting. Thank you to Athletic Evolution and the Islanders Hockey Club for inviting us to their combine and registration. It was fun seeing so many hockey players of all ages running around and having a good time. The week was capped off watching some great basketball players and giving a talk for the parents of Evolution Hoops, a new team partner. They are an awesome AAU boys and girls basketball and volleyball program. Check them out. In May we have scheduled a talk on the Wellness In Tennis and Fitness at Cedardale Health and Fitness in Andover. We are always looking to make more contacts so feel free to contact us at if you are interested in learning how we can help you or your program reach the next level of performance.

We are still in the midst of developing new programming that can hopefully be announced soon. In the meantime let's not forget the one on one work we do to improve athlete or student performance.


3/6/18 - February flew by and I cannot believe we are into March.

On 3/4 we spent another day with the Woburn A's, an AAU Baseball program, meeting their players and parents to discuss our services. Later this month we will be attending  New England Youth Wrestling Championships and meeting with the Islanders Hockey Club. We are always looking to make more contacts so feel free to contact us at if you are interested in learning how we can help you or your program reach the next level of performance.

We are also in the midst of developing new programming that can hopefully announce soon. Of course let's not forget the daily we work we do to improve athlete or student performance.


2/18/18 -  It has been a busy February so far with a lot more to come.

We have been working hard to make many new contacts and referral sources, not just for us, but for our clients. We met with the Boston Junior Rangers, a junior hockey program, giving a talk on the benefits of having a sport psychologist on your team which was well received. We spent time at Smart Light Sports, meeting their athletes and  learning about their unique coaching methods. We have also met with the Woburn A's, an AAU Baseball program and Pro-Ex Physical Therapy who service athletes of all ages in the Woburn area. Talks are scheduled with both programs in the near future to help them reach their Peak Mental Performance. 

More meetings and talks with other top athletic programs are upcoming and will be announced in the coming weeks. We are always looking to make more contacts so feel free to contact us at if you are interested in learning how we can help you or your program reach the next level of performance.

For your convenience we are now accepting credit cards and  online payments.


PRACTICE NEWS BLOG: 1/14/18 -  We are a proud team member with Athletic Evolution in Woburn, MA. AE works with all athletes to customize their athletic training program. We have also recently began building a relationship with High End Hockey, an elite hockey skills training program. We are always excited to build new relationships and collaborate with other in the sport or educational world. Give us a call or send us an email and let's talk.


The NEW CLIENT process has been made easier as it can now be completed directly online and sent to us in one step. Check it out.


I also got several great books for the holidays which I have already sped through and added to the reference list. In particular and a must read for any athlete or parent of an athlete looking to be recruited is The Athletic Scholarship Playbook: A Complete College Recruiting Roadmap for High School Athletes and Parents by Jon Fugler. This book provides all the steps of the college recruiting process  with tips, tricks, and a lot of helpful references.


Do not forget to check out the our  recent news blog on Goal Setting on how we can help you achieve your goals whether it be in the Sports or Education Performance World or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.




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