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At Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC , our goal is to help our clients learn the mental skills to feel happy, confident, and to reach their utmost potential in life. We work with clients from young children, to teenagers, to adults on a multitude of mental health challenges. We take a strength based approach utilizing your pre-existing skills  while learning new ones, helping you overcome your weaknesses and fears. This is where growth as a person happens. 


Educational and Test Prep Coaching

In today's world there is more pressure than ever to be successful on taking standardized tests whether it be the SATs, PSATs, GREs, school exams, or licensing. Anxiety and frustrations with the testing process can hurt performance, contribute to family conflicts, and derail confidence. Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC  can help teach you to manage these emotions and perform at your optimal level. 


Sport Psychology

Mental toughness is key to successful athletic performance and can be the difference between winning and losing. Struggling with anxiety and emotion management? Confidence or motivation challenges? Preparing to compete at the next level? Recovering from an injury or transitioning out of the world of sports? Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC works with athletes of all skill levels, ages, and sports to  develop individualized plans and learn the mental skills necessary to overcome mental blocks and enhance athletic performance.



Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC was founded in 2017 by Dr. Matthew Flynn, a clinical psychologist who has extensive experience in the field of clinical psychology. The creation of this performance enhancement mental health practice has been a dream of his 20 years in the making. He strongly believes in his practice motto Confidence in Performance, Confidence for Life, and that  any person can learn the mental skills to be happy and reach their peak level of performance whether it be in the classroom, on the field, or life in general.


Whether you are looking for services for yourself or your child, becoming a client is an easy process. 

​It begins with a review of your situation and needs and a discussion on how we may be able to best help you and any questions you have.

Complete the online MATCH QUESTIONNAIRE or if you prefer call us directly at (978) 482-7991.You will be contacted within 48 hours by phone or email to discuss your needs and our services.


Current clients can use the CLIENT PORTAL to access multiple features including: paying an outstanding bill online, secure messaging, downloading  clinical information, and accessing or updating records. It can even be accessed by your smartphone or tablet. Click HERE  to go directly to the log in screen. 



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 2021 continued to be a challenging year for many. However, there still have been many positives this year at Peak Mental Performance Coaching. We are back in the office, but will continue to offer telehealth. We have helped many clients continue to learn the mental skills to be successful in life. We have made new relationships and grown existing ones. Who knows what great things are ahead in 2022, but we are excited to find out and hope you feel the same.

We have continued to be in the office more over the last couple months, but will support clients in any way they feel the most comfortable as many remain on telehealth. Referrals continue to come in as there are always those in need. It has exciting been ding a mix of both types of treatment as we get to return to prior treatment approaches, while still experimenting with new ones.


We continue to have frequent contact and consultations with TrainerMD. They have many exciting things in the works they will be rolling out for athletes in the next few months and we look forward to sharing them when the time is right. We had a great meeting with the of one of our affiliations Just For Kicks, and their affiliation Move Strong Physical Therapy. Both organizations are doing great work in helping their clients. We look forward to expanding these relationships further into 2022.We are always looking for new organizations to work with so reach out today to talk more.


As 2022 approaches, we are beginning to plan our own goals for growth for the next year. We are plan continuing the work we do with a diverse group of clients. At the same time we are looking to really challenge ourselves to grow in our work both in approaches and with relationships. What are your goals going to be? Regardless, Peak Mental Performance Coaching can be there to help whether you are an individual or organization.

In the meantime, Check out our new Blog titled Gratitude and Mental Health Performance. In this new blog we show how having Gratitude in life can bolster mental health. 

Do not forget to check out prior ones on the  Clinical, Educational, or Sport Psychology world in the  News Blog. You can also click below on our Resources list for more helpful supports. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or join our mailing list. Check out our News Archive for past announcements.

At Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC we work with diverse group of clients, with a multitude of mental health needs. Whether you or your child have general mental health challenges, school difficulty, or struggling with performance in the athletic world we can help. We accept several main insurances and offer both in person and telehealth sessions.  We pride ourselves on making sure we are the right match for you or helping you find that match. 

We are always looking to make new connections with organizations, primary care offices, or sports programs looking for support for either their clients or even themselves. We love to consult, provide informational talks, or help organizations grow. Reach out today and let's talk further. Email us at or click above in our NEW CLIENTS section.


Confidence In Performance, Confidence For Life.


Includes books, videos, or other resources to improve your performance.  Keep an eye out for new additions. If you know of any good ones we are always taking recommendations.  




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