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Be Kind

After the last several months of coping with the pandemic and now social unrest most people have hit their wall. Students are tired of distanced learning and parents tired of fighting with them to do their work. Athletes have been missing their practices, teammates, and in many cases their spring season. Even adults are missing their coworkers and maybe even their work. Finally, we are all missing time with friends and family. Thankfully things are slowly starting to open and move forward, but with it still comes uncertainty and anxiety about the future.

In the last blog we talked about growth and resilience over the crisis. This still holds and hopefully you have been doing it. At the same time with the school year ending and summer approaching it is time to be kind to yourself and others. Take care of yourself, unwind a bit, and although typical summer plans will likely be disrupted, still find to time to yourself and just breathe. Don't beat yourself up for what you didn't accomplish or should have done. Accept where we are, look at your growth over the past few months. No excuses about things, but understand you did what you could do given the circumstances.

For many of the students out there I know you are ready for a break. Finish strong and give yourself a treat once you are done. Many of my clients are already worrying about the fall. My advice is to be in the present. Focus on what you can control now in life. Spend time with friends the best you can. At the same time, it is okay to adjust your goals for the fall, as you have to accept that fact that where you thought you will be may no longer be reasonable. As for the rest of school, when we have more info on it be confident that you can problem solve accordingly. Taking care of yourself now will pay off later.

With things opening up for athletes it is time to get ready to be back on the field. Similar to students, you have to adjust your goals. Be kind to yourself if your performance is off. Accept that you will be rusty as this time off is just like an injury. It has impacted how you will perform. Be patient, you will catch up and maybe even excel from there. Be kind to your teammates and coaches. Remember they are also going through challenges as well and are also mentally and maybe physically catching up. Finally, once you are playing again, enjoy it. No doubt you have missed playing, take it all in, laugh, and remember why you began playing in the first place.

For my general clients. As I said earlier it is self care time. You have likely been stuck for extended periods of time with family. You may even be tired of them, ready for a break even though you love them. You may be anxious about returning to work, and the many unknowns from the virus to day to day work may only increase it. Be kind with yourself as you readjust. Be kind to others as they too adjust and adapt. Remind yourself of the growth and resilience you have learned over the past few months. Now is the time to put it into play. This is just the next step. Why worry about the next one until it is time to take it?

As I said, there are still many unknowns, frustrations, and anxiety provoking events that may arise over the next few weeks or months. Be patient as it is going to take time, and there may even be setbacks. Be compassionate to everyone as we are all going through this, but not necessarily in the same way. Think about your strengths, and be your best self, accepting that self is continually influx, but beating yourself or others up will not help. If it hasn't been said enough in this blog, only being kind to yourself will help as we enter the next phase.

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