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Be Your Own CEO

I recently was involved in a talk at Athletic Evolution that centered on the mental aspects of physical injury recovery, particularly ACL injuries and surgery. In the midst we were talking about the anxiety of discussing the injury with doctors and providers, but how important of a skill this is for an athlete for multiple reasons. First, it can help an athlete have facts and data about their injury, which improved their ability to set appropriate goals. At the same time, this communication can help an athlete organize those around himself or herself, so that everyone on the team is working together. Finally, it all came down to confidence, as the more you know, the more you can take control, use supports, and ultimately increase confidence. The leader from athletic evolution summed up the information and themes from the talk as ''Being your own CEO'', which I really like and I think is summary of many areas of life.

Obviously as the talk at Athletic Evolution centered on athletes this is an easy area in which a person should be the CEO of themselves as described above. At the same time, the second area would be students. Many students I work with have academic challenges and school support plans. I strongly advocate that students should know what the details of these plans are. unfortunately teachers are exceptionally busy and it is better that the student knows the plan and can learn to advocate for him or herself. At the same time students can get negative with themselves, and no matter how much others validate or support these negative emotions, ultimately it is up to the student to decide what emotions they want to manage and how. The benefits are the same as athletes. Then there are the big students, also know as high performing professionals. not only are they the bosses of their company, but themselves, how they relate to others, who do they seek support or advice from, how do they talk to themselves when doubting a decision, and finally manage their own emotions during stressful times.

In fact looking at these themes of ''Being your Own CEO'', it is something that in in reality regardless of age, profession, challenge, it is a group of skills we must all learn in life in order to be successful and confident. We choose who we want around us that can either push us to grow, or who can hold us back as a person. They are active in seeking out and organizing thse around them. Many people like to mentally play the victim or blame others for their negative spot in life or negative choices. A CEO takes ownership of where he or she is at, and actively problem solves improving the company, which in this case is the person him or herself. We cannot control the events around us, but we can control how we respond behaviorally and emotionally. This is based on how we assess and interpret situations or challenges in front of us, what skills we utilize to manage anxiety or other emotions, how we use past experiences to guide us, and recognize and utilize our strengths. It also involves taking care of ourselves, the basics of sleeping and eating healthy, creating good routines, and as we have said surrounding ourselves with supportive people. Finally, it involves trusting ourselves in the process, being okay with mistakes, and allowing our confidence to grow.

The reality is being our own CEO can be hard and not something a person is always successful at. However, a growth and learning mindset can make this possible. The skills can be learned, and solutions can be found. Peak Mental Performance Coaching LLC can help you learn these skills, but you have to be the CEO and use them.


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