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Managing The Unexpected

If there is one thing that happens in life it is unexpected challenges. Without going into detail it was another lesson even i've learned recently. Unexpected challenges can be small, such as a pop quiz or the weather changing during a sporting events, to something bigger from a change in schools, a significant sports injury, or a new family stressor. Regardless of how significant the change is, to be mentally tough in life, you have to be ready for any unexpected change. Prior blogs have discussed similar themes and have provided guidance on accepting change, adapting, using supports, and sitting with the emotions. Each of these skills are essential to managing the unexpected challenges in life, but there is always more we can do. So what else is can a person do to manage the unexpected without crumbling and remain mentally tough? Below is a list of skills to use in no particular order that may just help you when the Unexpected happens.

  1. As we have in the past, sit with the emotions, accept the situation, use your supports, and figure out how to adapt pr problem solve the situation.

  2. Trust the experts around you as part of the support process.

  3. Assess what are other skills or strengths you have to push through the situation.

  4. Take a deep breath. Yes it is cheesy but it really does work to relax you and keep a clear head.

  5. Tell yourself you can only can control what you can control.

  6. Be patient with the process, without putting pressure on yourself in the moment to know or do everything.

  7. Embracing the challenge can be powerful - remember the power of positive self talk to keep your motivation high.

  8. Think about similar past challenges and how you learned from those experiences and apply those lessons to the new situation.

  9. Remind yourself there are lots of ways to manage emotions. Find yours, and use, without making any rash decisions. Calm decisions, and usually the first ones, are the best.

  10. Sometimes you just have to laugh, yes humor can be healing.

Although this is a short blog, it is still an important one. Part of life is knowing the Unexpected will happen. Remind yourself you have made it through many stressful and unexpected moments in life and have gotten through them, even the most trying ones. If you have done it before, you can do it again. We hope this list reminds you of this fact and you will feel prepared the next time you have to Manage The Unexpected.


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