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The Starting Line

Today is launch day, the culmination of 20+ years of hard work as Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC is fully open for business to serve our clients Clinical, Educational, or Sport Psychology needs. In the past few months I have been working hard to prepare to combine my general mental work with the prior educational and sport work of the practice. Although it was anxiety provoking and scary to embark on this new adventure, it has always been a goal and a dream. Setting goals for yourself is always important. They help give you direction, guide you, and most importantly allow you to grow your confidence and become a better person. Although change and uncertainty can be scary, they are essential to reach our true potential and happiness. Trust your skills, and trust the support of those around you. I want to thank my family and friends for all the support to make this decision and sticking with me or pushing me to make these steps. Now I can grow as a person as well. I have big plans for this practice and today is the Starting Line. Stay tuned and join us in the race.

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