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Take Control Of Your Mental Health - The ABCs

"Make your mental health a priority. It’s called YOUR mental health and it’s YOUR responsibility to cut out of your life what makes you struggle with it." - Robert Griffin III - Heisman Trophy Winner

This is such a simple statement, yet something many in society really struggle with embracing. Excuses are often made, reasons for challenges are displaced onto others, or simply ignore the problem. Eventually this only leads to an exacerbation of symptoms. The best thing a person can do find ways to manage symptoms and it is easier than one can even even think. Below are the simple ABCs to improving YOUR mental health and improving YOUR life.

I am sure others could place different works or phrases in different places, but I felt these were the words that hit home the most to me. Enjoy.

A - Attitude - Your attitude is everything. Keeping it positive, can keep you motivated to keep moving forward.

B - Breathing - Take a second and take that deep breath. It can do wonders for you physically and mentally.

C - Communication - This is such an important skill to learn and use. Communicate your feelings, your needs, your wishes. Work with others, really listen to them, and grow as a person.

D- Diet - Research is showing the growing importance of diet even on the chemical level in terms of mental health management. Yes enjoy a few good things, but diet management is an often overlooked factor to mental health.

E - Emotion Management - Everyone has positive and negative emotions. Learning to let yourself have them but learning to manage and push through when they happen is essential. What is your best emotion coping skill?

F -Focus - We are constantly bombarded by distractions and demands. Focus on one thing at a time, and you would be surprised how quickly you can find a solution to the problem.

G - Goal setting - Use SMART goals - specific, measurable, achievable, rational, and timely. have both short and long term goals, focusing on the process. they will give you direction and a purpose.

H -Help - Many are help rejecting or not willing to to give help to those who need it. Do both - be willing to receive and accept it, and give to those around you. The mental payoff is huge.

I - Intensity - Approach challenges and new things with positive intensity. Get into it and embrace it.

J - journey - Taking care of yourself is a process. Enjoy the process not the destination, even when things get hard remind yourself to keep moving forward. And do it with a smile.

K - Kindness - Many people constantly berate themselves or others mentally. Itis time to be kind to yourself or others.

L - Learning - Every experience, both positive and negative is an opportunity to learn. Use that mindset, internalize into who you are as as a person. What did you learn today?

M - Mindfulness - Be present, be in the moment, use relaxation to slow yourself down.

N - Negativity - It is easier to focus on the negative as we are wired to do it. Avoid it as it will only bring your mental health down.

O - Openness - Be open to trying new things, new experiences, new opinions, new thoughts. You never know what this can do toy your mental health.

P - Positivity - Find the positive experiences, take them in. Surround yourself with positive people.

Q - Quiet - Enjoy the quiet. You might see or hear something you might otherwise miss.

R - Resilience - Build it to push through challenges. Embrace the challenges and use your other mental skills to push through. Remind yourself of past successes that you can apply to new challenges.

S - Sleep - many people are sleep deprived these days as the world is constantly on the go. Go to bed, put away the technology. Sleep may be the #1 factor that impacts mental health positively or negatively.

T - Teamwork - Work with others. be with friends, use the support. The results can be amazing to your physical and mental health.

U - Understanding - Try to understand yourself, you motives of your choices, and do the same with others. No judgement, just understanding.

V - Value - Values give us direction in life, a meaning and purpose. They help us improve ourself and others, the environment around us, and our directions in life.

W - Work Ethic - Work hard, play hard. Don't be lazy or make excuses. The harder you work on goals and making yourself a better person, the better the payout.

X - eXpectations - Have high but reasonable expectations in yourself and others.

Y - Yes - Say yes to experiences, opportunities, people - you never know what doors may open.

Z - Zealous - be zealous in your endeavors, take them on, attack them with tenacity and a desire to succeed.

There you have it - Our ABCs to taking control of your mental health. As we said it is YOUR health and YOUR responsibility to improve yourself as a person. Reach out to Peak Mental Health Coaching LLC to aid you in the process.


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