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Summer Reflections To Take Into The Fall

It has been a relaxing summer for me overall, really trying to take advantage of the time. However, with the fall coming, it is time to start preparing for the grind that lies ahead. School will be starting soon adding to that new stress for kids and families. Sport transitions are happening as new seasons start and the demands increase there as well. In general, any transition can just add to anxiety and frustrations. Given that I was reflecting on the lessons I learned over the summer and apply this mindset going into the fall. Below are these lessons in no particular order.

1. Slow down – There is only a limited time in the summer (life in general) and it is important to really soak it all in. Slow your mind down and just be in the moment not thinking of the past or future, just the present.

2. Spend time watching the world and those around you. I’ve just been sitting and watching my kids play. It is refreshing to just watch, not interfere, and let them teach you how they see the world. It can give you a lot a lot of perspective.

3. Take some time to yourself and just reflect on who you are and who want to be. No distractions or other people, just be you.

4. Question the things you allow to stress yourself out. Most of the things are so small and insignificant they really are not worth worrying about.

5. Be outside – yes connect with nature and feel and listen to the world around you. I spent a lot of time outside this summer and when you really look around you can see the exciting things that surround you.

6. It is said all the time and we all struggle with it – PUT DOWN THE TECHNOLOGY – we all get lost mindlessly scrolling, but boy do we waste time and opportunities by doing it.

7. Friends and family are everything. It is a good distraction, something to look forward to, and something just makes us happy and relaxed. Seek them as much as possible.

8. Work is not everything – There have been times I have wanted to squeeze in just one more client, but regret it when I do as I know I could have been doing something else to make myself happy in that moment. Is that one extra push worth it. Not always as there may be more beneficial things the time can be used for.

9. Keep everything in balance – mindset, pressures, activities, expectations. By keeping things in balance anxiety can be kept in check.

10. Continue to assess and grow as a person. In every moment you grow and change as a person as a new you is constantly being reinvented. Enjoy the process.

Anyhow these are just a few reflections from my summer that I plan on taking into the fall. I think using them will keep my stress level low, and recommend you try them to do the same. It may also benefit you to reflect on the lessons you learned and keep them going as you transition into the fall. Peak Mental Performance Coaching LLC is ready to help you in this process.


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