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Take Control Of Your Mental Health - Part 2 - The 1-2-3s

In the last blog we talked about how to take control of your mental health in the simplest ways possible. The feedback from that blog was very positive so I figured we would take it up a level to the 1-2-3s. At this time of year I was want to reflect on my own expeirences with clients, what were the main themes that were seen in treatment that benefitted clients, and even what possible lessons I learned about myself in the process. That being said, whether you a regular person, athlete, student, or professional, here are the next steps to taking control of your mental health in no particular order - 1,2,3s

1.Learning was discussed in the ABCs and I cannot stress this fact any more than i did then. We are constantly learning throughout the day. We are nt the same person when we go to bed that we were when we woke up. Take a leanring mindset throughout the day is something I emphasize with my clients in every session.

2. With a learning mindset is growth, We should constantly be seeking growth as a person and avoiding stagnation. As many people are and as we mentioned last time, growth is the journey not the destination.

3. Adapting to your situation, looking at alternative explanations, causes, ways to solve the problem will get you through a challenging time. The first answer may not be the best or even work, so always be ready to explore alternatives. be creative, think outside the box.

4. Be grateful or show gratittude, not just to those around you, yourself, and the infiinte number of opportunities you have in life. Show gratitude to those who support you, give you strength, and are there for you no matter what.

5. Take responsbility for you yourself, your choices or actions. Don't blame other, complain about the world, or let others control your emotions. You can't control, but you can control how you choose to respond.

6. Accept the bad days and their are challenges you will face. Don't dwell on them or beat yourself up, and as we said learn, and apply the lessons the next day.

7. Failure, success, and everything in between is part of the learning process. No one is on 100% of the time. Accept this fact.

8. Explore possibilities as part of adapting, and share your ideas with others so they can do the same.

9. Have a purpose for yourself - what do you really want to accomplish. It is much better than just floating through the day. You choose to act rather than letting someone else make the choice for you.

10. Develop a set of core values and beliefs about yourself and expecations in others.

11. It is okay to have fear. We all do, but it is your choice whether or not you let it hold you back. Use it as motivation, energy, and attack the situation.

12. Balance in life is important - in work, rest, play, expectations, etc - Work hard, play hard.

13. Accept and embrace the pressure in life. Too many times people just want things to be easy. How does that help you as a person? Life has pressure, accept, -go towards it, cause you can's grow from things being easy. You need adversity and stress can be a positive.

14. Get good at math - challenge your assumptions, statstics can be your friend. Bad things happen, but do you exaggerate how often it does in your head? Be realistic and use data to back up or challenge your beliefs.

15. Trust yourself and others around you that MOST of the time (not all) you are making the right decision. Trust that the most important people around you have your back.

16. As we said, focus on grwoth, but surround yourselves with others who have the same value in it. Otherwise they are just holding you back.

17. Be enthusiatic, bring the energy, desire, and passion. Play to win, attack opportunities, play free,

18.Inspire yourself to change. inspire others to do the same. Be contagious by spreading your positivity, energy, skills, and mindset with others. Everyone benefits from that

19. If the door closes, find a window to go thorugh.

20. Live on the edge of competence. We all like to live in our comfort zone, but push yourself to be outside it just a little bit, and watch what happens. Live with being uncomfortable, not bieng afraid to fail. Go for it.

21. Be curious - why did that happen? Why do I think that way? Why do others think that way?

22. The past is gone, the future isn't hear yet, be in the present.

23. Give yourself validation and credit versus relying on just hearing it from others. Have a sense of self worth for yourself as a person.

24. Take the initative and pay attention to details. Show up for what is expected. Accept that you can be great, but be humble in the process.

25. Deam BIG, think small. Every steo you take today, no matter how inconsequential it seems, brings you closer to the Big dream,

26. HAVE FUN - At the end of the day isn't that the most important thing in life no matter what you do or the challenges you face? Having fun with it all may be best way to find happiness.

This is just fast version of Taking Control of Your Mental Health - The 1,2,3s. So many of these ideas can be expanded on, and hopefully future blogs will. These lessons are at the core of many of the aspects of grwoth my clients, and even myself have learned over the course of this year. We hope you can use them yourself into 2024 and beyond. Peak Mental Performance Coaching is ready to help you when you are ready to accept it.

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