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Successful Launch - Initial Lessons Learned

It has been a great month. I officially opened the doors on August 6th after consolidating my general practice with my sport and educational work under one roof. It was an anxiety provoking move and a difficult decision as you probably noticed from the last couple of blogs. However, after a few initial hiccups and frustrations, mostly taking a crash course in insurance (a discussion for another day on why I now know why insurance is ridiculously expensive), things are starting to go really smoothly.

So with the successful launch I want to leave you with guidance on my initial lessons learned in no specific order that I believe are also important for achieving your Peak Mental Performance in life, school, or sports.

1. Be patient with yourself, especially when learning new things as you do not need all the answers right away.

2. Take every opportunity to learn as it does better who you are.

3. If you look hard enough and think outside the box, the answer can be found so don't give up.

4. Rely on those you know for support whether it be logistical or just simple support and encouragement.

5. Break things into small piece - do not try to do everything at once as you will become overwhelmed.

6. Stick to your goals, both short and long term, and success will happen.

7. Although change is hard and anxiety provoking it can be good, and positive growth comes from it.

8. Be grateful to those around you and voice it.

9. Take a break and do something else, recharge your batteries.

10. Have fun with it - that is what growth is suppose to be.

That is all for now and I look forward to seeing what is coming in the months ahead. As always Confidence In Performance, Confidence For Life.

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