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Happy Birthday Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC

Happy Birthday Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC. November 20th 2017 we met with our first patient. It took 20 years to put the dream into practice, but it has been bittersweet. On that day we were a small Sport and Educational Practice located in Athletic Evolution. Athletic Evolution was a great help getting the ball rolling as we set out to help athletes and students improve their mental performance in all areas of life.

So much has changed over the past year. What started as a small part time practice is turning into a thriving full time Clinical, Educational, and Sport Psychology practice after Dr. Flynn combined his general mental health practice with his athletes and students this past August. Although an anxious move at first to go out on his own, the decision has been a fantastic and exciting move an opportunity.

Over the past year we have added to our affiliations adding Evolution Basketball and High End Hockey to out relationship with Athletic Evolution. Recently, Dr. Flynn agreed to be an advisor to TrainerMD. At the same time, we have given talks or met with many different programs in the sport and educational world including One on One College Consulting, the Islanders Hockey Club, the Junior Rangers, Woburn A's, and Cedardale Health Club just to name a few of the many groups or programs we have met with. When Dr. Flynn combined his two practices into one, he has also been connecting with new primary care offices as well to help grow the clinical side of the practice. Meeting all these groups has been a fun experience and we are thankful for all the opportunities that have been presented. Finally, we cannot forget all the work we have been doing with many clients that came with us from our prior practice to the many new ones we have begun working with over the last few months. We are looking forward to meeting more clients and programs in year two, and looking to expand our clinical offerings in the next year so keep an eye out for future announcements.

Dr. Flynn has learned many lessons over this past year and go on for awhile but just want to point out a few. First, dealing with insurances companies is not fun, but that is a story for another day. Secondly, it is all how you assess and think about situations and embrace a challenge. Stay positive, make good choices, and good things can happen. Finally, it is so important to reach out to others for advice and support when feeling challenges. Dr. Flynn is so grateful to the many programs giving him a chance to work with their clients, his friends and former coworkers for giving a lot of guidance and advice, and finally to family for all their love and support when he was feeling stressed, doubtful, or just plan tired or frustrated.

So what is next for Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC? First, we want to continue to grow the practice, connections, and offerings. As Dr. Flynn said, we have met many great programs and want to continue to cultivate these relationships, while adding more. If you are interested in talking further let us know as we are always open to meeting exciting people and learning about the work they do. If it feels right, Dr. Flynn would love to also partner up with other practices as well to grow the size of the practice, but we will see if and when that happens. We are hoping to expand into new areas as well. Finally, we just want to keep having fun with what we do, and help our clients do the same, and help everyone reach their Peak Mental Performance.

Happy Birthday Peak Mental Performance Coaching LLC - Remember - Confidence In Performance, Confidence For Life.

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