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Resiliency And Growth In A Time Of Crisis

With the pandemic going on right now in society many people are showing an increase in anxiety, fear, and questioning how will they get through this tragedy. The unknown and lack of control can be scary and a triggering event for the most mentally tough person. It can be easy to become negative, hopeless, and pessimistic with everything going on.

Although many are struggling, and the are many questions of what the future will be like, we can get through this. We have all been through challenging times in life, and now is the time to reach back to our resiliency and push forward. At the same time, these challenges can teach us lessons and help us grow. I've been spending a lot of time with my clients, looking at their goals for themselves, who do they want to be when this pandemic is done, and how can they use these lessons to make themselves a better person.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary one definition of resiliency is: the "ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change". In other words, when things become challenging how can one get through the situation, remain mentally tough and not crumble under the pressure of the situation?

There are multiple factors to consider to remain resilient, some of which prior blogs have discussed. Start by simply taking a deep breath, slow yourself down and assess the situation asking yourselves and talking through different questions. First, can I control in this situation and what can I not control? Accept what you cannot control as ruminating, complaining, or being negative is not going to change the fact that you are facing the adversity you are facing. You likely cannot control what is happening, but only you can control how you choose to respond, no one else can, it is YOUR responsibility. Once you can accept this fact, you can begin to assess what you can control and problem solve the situation.

Your solutions may not be perfect, may not solve the problem completely, but each are steps forward. Use logic, and manage your emotions, as not doing so impacts the problem solving process. This does not mean be emotionless, but rather use them to facilitate your choices, not hold them back. Talk yourself through it step by step, pulling yourself away if you become overwhelmed. Use every trick or approach you have learned in life as part of your emotion management strategy.

Taking these steps start the process, but what else is important? How about building off of your strengths? We all have them, and resilient people recognize their strengths rather than dwelling on their weaknesses. Getting through the situation will eventually strengthen your weaknesses, but early on in the process. it is better to take a strength based approach. At the same time, look back at your history. It is likely you have faced similar challenges before in life, and you need to remind yourself you have gotten through adversity before. How did you did? What did you learn from it? Can you apply the lessons learned fro the past to the present situation? How do I adapt and be willing to change my behaviors or beliefs to face the problem at hand. Flexibility, openness, and honest critical thinking can lead the way. Finally, if there is anything we know about humans, we are social creatures, despite our current distancing. Therefore it is important to seek out emotional, mental, and even physical support from those around us. Who are the people in your life currently and in the past who can support you and what lessons or skills have you learned from them? Now is the time to apply these lessons.

Whether you are a general person struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental challenge, a student trying to navigate through school, or an athlete facing adversity on the field, the answers to these questions will guide your mindset, help you remain mentally tough and resilient, and start the growth process.

But why does growth come from resilience? Because every challenge changes us, our ways of thinking and relating to ourselves, others around us, and our environment. With it we also become a more confident person, happier, and more relaxed. In other words, a better version of oneself, ready for the next piece of adversity that will undoubtedly come at some point in life.

While we are living in unprecedented times, perhaps the most challenging up to this point in many of our lives, it does not mean we are stuck and cannot come out better than we went in. Yes we and society will be different, but maybe that is not a bad thing. Maybe we can continue to see aspects of who we are that need to continue to grow, come up with new ideas, develop new technologies, and more importantly new relationships with the people and the world around us.

The lessons on Resiliency And Growth In A Time Of Crisis, can and should be applied to our everyday lives regardless of how big or small the challenge is. They can used on a daily basis, in school, on the field, or maybe even a world wide pandemic. Regardless the answers to all your challenges are right in the palm of your hand. All you have to do is dig deep, find your resiliency, and accept the growth that will come from it.


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