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Be In The Moment And Be With Others

This may end up being a shorter blog than usual because I am home right now with my kids and plan on going to do what this blog advises as soon as possible - just be with them. Although it has been a busy summer professionally, I have made a more conscious choice to be in the moment and sit with emotion as as discussed in the last blog. At the same time, I have had a growing realization of how great it is for one's mental health to be in the moment and just enjoy being with others. This is something everyone needs to remember, whether you are a student, athlete, or just a person coping with life anxiety.

We always talk about self care - sleeping, eating healthy, exercise, relaxation, etc., but how often do we include just being with others as part of the self care. After the pandemic we are learning more and more about the importance of social connections and mental health. At the same time, with so many demands and things to get done on a day to day basis, it can be easy to loose sight if the important connections in our lives. Research shows doing so can impact you not just in a relaxed state of mine, but even on the physical level. So not only is being with people relaxing, it can even help you live longer.

To be in the moment it is important to always use your five senses to ground you so you can just focus on the world around you. If thoughts of the past or future pop into your mind consciously let them go and gently remind yourself just be in the now. Removing technology can be exceptionally beneficial. As you undertake this process it is now time to add people in. Play a game, sing a song, or just simply be in the same space together. Talk about fun stuff, hopes, dreams, goals, but avoid stress related topics. If you have kids just watch them play and laugh. Let the small things go in the moment and enjoy their presence.

You would be surprised how quickly stress just melts away and happier you can be with these simple steps. This summer I've really been practicing this approach and have increased time with family and friends. It really can be enjoyable watching your kids play and learn new things, even when they sometimes fight. You start to let things go and set new priorities. Time just laughing and relying on support from friends has been refreshing, and unexpected in a good way. Finally, a few trips to the beach and watching others have fun has been eye opening.

All that being said, I started by saying I would keep this short and sweet to go have fun and be with family and enjoy the beautiful day outside and have some fun. From what I hear from my son it might be time for outside on his motorcycle. I feel stress going away just with the thought of what is coming.


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