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The Importance Of Finding A Mission

Recently I was talking with the CEO of TrainerMd about the work and value I can add to his business from a behavioral health standpoint. While trying to figure out how best to characterize the scope and goals of the work he happened to use the word ‘’Mission’’. That word struck me as so significant and such a perfect word given the nature of our conversation. It was the guide and driving force between our work, giving a real direction and meaning to the work we each do. It made me reflect on my mission and how it impacts what I do each day, not just for my clients, but even for myself.

My mission has been an over 20 year process, starting when I was in college. While trying to figure out my major I stumbled onto a sport psychology class. Ironically I could not take it without intro psych which I took, but during undergrad the sports psych class was never offered again. It didn’t matter as just thought of it had given me a direction once psych hooked me.

While goals are great, they can be specific and short term. A mission is long term and guides your direction and growth as a person. Once I started mine each experience was guided by that initial exposure to the world of psychology. These experiences helped me grow. While I started off wanting to do sport psych and has always remained my underlying love, the mission guided to expand my interests further into the clinical psych world, and later into the educational psych area. I began to see the connection between the mental challenges students had, particularly those with learning challenges, and those of athletes. I saw how anxiety in all clients could be managed with the same interventions as they all struggled with underlying confidence problems.

At Peak Mental Performance Coaching our mission has become to help all our clients no matter their need, to increase the confidence. We believe we can take a strength based approach and help a client build off of existing skills to learn new one, while accepting their weaknesses, and pushing through them. Through this process, we believe growth can happen for anyone. The beautiful thing is this has been a life long process. In fact it is a perfect example for our clients to follow as we have lived our mission and now share it was others every day.

That is my story as I have lived my mission and continue to do so. Because it is a life long process that guides everything we do, I cannot emphasize the importance of this point because finding a mission guides you in all you choices. It gives you direction when you feel stuck or in a negative place mentally. it guides your logic, or the finding of counterevidence when those negative thoughts creep in. It guides your goals and the supports you seek out around you. It helps you adapt and ultimately grow as a person. It starts in your past, but ultimately drives what will happen in your future.

Given all these experiences it is time to decide for yourself what your mission is. How do you define how you want to live and grow as a person? It can be small or big, but find something for yourself. Your confidence, and ultimately your happiness depends on it. Find your mission today.


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