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Happy New Year - Goal Setting Time

Happy New Year Everyone from Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC.

Typically I am not a New Years resolution person, probably because like almost everyone else I forget about them after just a few days. However, I am a goal setting person - particularly when it comes to learning new skills and growing as a person. When it comes to setting Sports or School Performance goals using the SMART goal formula is the way to go whether it is for the day, week, or year.

S - Specific - Make your goals as specific and concrete as possible. Abstract goals (eg exercising more - everyone's favorite) never work. Instead lay out exactly what you want to do as your goal. I also like process goals, those being the actions to be successful, versus outcome goals (eg wins). By focusing on the process motivation and confidence will go up.

M - Measurable - Goals have to be measurable. Give yourself a way to track your progress over time. This helps in confidence building as you have the data to back yourself up.

A - Attainable / Achievable - Break your goals into smaller pieces that you can build off of to get the momentum going, but make them something you can really do.

R - Reasonable / Realistic - We all like to shoot for the stars and set big goals, but despite my desires I am not beating Lebron James 1:1 tomorrow (or ever). If your goals are not reasonable you will get frustrated and give up. Make them realistic and success will surely come.

T - Timely - Anyone can have one good day or one bad day. Give yourself a solid data set of time to really assess and evaluate your progress towards meeting your goals. This keeps you moving forward and avoiding becoming discouraged.

Anyhow that is the short version on goal setting. Be SMART this year and set goals for yourself.

Make your first goal to contact us at and let us take you to the next level of performance on the field or in the classroom.

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