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Preparing for the Summer Transition

Time has flown by and summer is just around the corner. You can feel it the air and enjoy the longer days. Whether it is counting the number of days left in school, getting ready for the end of your sports season, or just feeling happier and more relaxed, you know it is almost here. But despite the excitement a few challenges lay ahead, and you still need to get ready for what lies ahead. But how?

To start I hope you have been following prior blogs as those lessons will come in handy. First, review your goals you have set over the past few months. It is time to really assess yourself, but remember no judging. How did you grow as a person? What did you learn about yourself whether it be at school, on the field, or just in life? Who were your supports and how can they continue to help you grow as a person? Each of these questions will give you guidance to prepare for the next steps.

Secondly, how has your self care been? Are you sleeping enough, relaxing, taking time to be with people? Are you active enough, trying new things, or at least setting goals for what you want to do this summer. Get ready to recharge your batteries. Make your plans, clear your head, reorganize your mind, but slow yourself down to truly take everything in around you. Be in the moment, letting go of the negatives of the past, and use the positives to be forward looking.

Finally, start to think about how you can push yourself this summer, grow your comfort zone, push your growth. Maybe go somewhere you have been wanting to go, spend time with someone you do not usually see, or reach out and make that new connection you have wanted to talk to. Take the lessons you have learned about managing your stress or anxiety, let yourself use your successes to build your confidence. It is a great time of year, when there are lessons daily demands, to truly take those next steps to grow towards a better self.

Hopefully these lessons help as you prepare for the wonderful time ahead. Have fun as we enter a great time of year. I know I am planning on it. Talk soon and as always - Confidence In Performance, Confidence For Life.

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