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It is not a secret that I am a Boston College alum and attend or watch as many sporting events there as I can. Despite the last few fears being challenging for the football team, I remain a die hard fan. I was hopeful with the appointment of Jeff Hafley as their new head coach, but after hearing him speak at his introduction, I am excited and motivated for what the future holds. If you want to see his exact message and need some inspiration check out his speech at

To briefly summarize his speech, Coach Hafley competing with yourself, competing with your teammates, and being tough in what you do. He talked about everyone working together and using each other for support. He noted hard work is worth it, and can lead to magical moments. But he summarized with his message was for everyone to ''GET IN'', essentially dedicating themselves to the process and each other. It was a pretty inspirational speech, about what it takes to be successful, which for him was n the field, but I think the lesson can be applied everywhere.

Coach Hafley's speech made me think about all the clients I work with whether they are athletes, students, or just general clinical psychology clients. Going through therapy is not easy or fun. It can be hard work, and it takes honest and true dedication to make changes in who you are as a person. Many of my clients doubt themselves, get negative, or make excuses on why things are not progressing or working out for themselves. For my general clinical psychology clients, their emotions can control them, impacting their day to functioning. For my students, many turn away the help offered to them at school, getting stuck believing the are "just stupid", and giving up. Athletes can doubt their ability just as easily, and their performance can be impacted in many of the same ways, contributing to poor performance, and only fueling more negativity in a never ending cycle.

However, for all these groups of clients, the applying the lessons in this short speech can be applied to their mental toughness, and in turn improving performance, and ultimately happiness. Basically my advice to my clients is to "GET IN". Dedicate to improving yourself as a person. Clearly it is going to be a battle. There will be wins and losses, but ultimately the payout will be worth it. Dedicate yourself to connecting with others, and using them for support. When things can hard, keep competing, keep working, enjoying the process despite the adversity. Believe in yourself and those around you, as it will be worth it in the end when change and success happens. As Coach Hafley said, "make some magical moments". Now go "GET IN!"

Thank you Coach Hafley for inspiring this blog and I am looking forward to a great season.

Go Eagles! #GET IN - Confidence In Performance, Confidence For Life

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