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Enjoy The Holidays

Enjoy The Holidays

This has obviously been a challenging year for everyone with the pandemic, but the holidays are rapidly approaching. For many the holidays can be a trigger to increased anxiety, depression and stress for students, athletes, and you’re average person. However, despite the differences there are things each person can do to have a nice holiday season that is still full of fun, friends, and family. You just need to find ways to be positive, flexible, and creative. Below are some ways for you to still enjoy Enjoy The Holidays.

· Have a positive mindset. I have been hearing from many clients catastrophizing the impact of the pandemic on the holidays. Yes things will be different and please be smart and follow the recommendations that are meant to keep you and those you love safe. However, keep it in proportion and don’t let it dominate your thoughts so you don’t get trapped in negative thought cycle. Yes the virus impacts you, but doesn’t have to control you.

· Reach back the traditions that you have every year as these tend to alleviate anxiety. Routine is a wonderful way to manage anxiety. You would be surprised at how many really are not impacted by the virus.

· Now is the time to start new traditions as well. Maybe this a time to start a new family dinner or cooking activity, or as in my family just driving around town looking at Christmas lights.

· Be flexible in your thinking and what you want to do.

· With being flexible there is also being creative, something may have been hard or boring in the past, but what do you have to lose by trying something new.

· Be in the moment, just breathe. Find things that will make you happy and include anyone in the family that wants to join in. If they don’t, go do it for yourself.

· Get ideas from other family members, especially your kids as you would be surprised what they can come up with.

· Find supports and be a support. You may not be able to see everyone in person but connections are always there. Maybe even reach out to someone new or someone old you have lost touch with.

· Sing a song, dance, smile, be goofy and silly. Any of these can be sudden mood changers.

· Reminisce in a positive way. Revisit happy memories you cherish and reenact them in your mind.

· Maybe keep everything simple and not too busy if that is your thing. Shut off work and set boundaries with stressors.

· Be okay and supportive of others struggles.

· Simply take care of yourself.

I am sure there are many others but hopefully this list gives you a good start. Happy Holidays and see you in 2021.

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